ICCJ Statement on Gaza

The International Council of Christians and Jews issued the following statement today:

14 January 2009
International Council of Christians and Jews


We, the members of the Executive Board of the International Council of Christians and Jews, are deeply distressed and saddened by the current round of violence in the Middle East. We have always affirmed our commitment to the survival and security of the State of Israel. At the same time, we grieve for the loss of innocent lives on both sides.

Despite the political and ideological questions that may divide us, we re-affirm our common commitments to the sanctity of human life, the pursuit of peace as a religious imperative, and the importance of inter-religious and inter-group dialogue.

Of particular concern to us is the outbreak of antisemitic incidents, some violent, in different parts of the world, seemingly in response to the current difficult situation. There have also been incidents of discrimination against innocent Muslims living outside the region. We deplore this tendency to import the conflict into other regions.

We pray that the fighting will end as soon as possible and that Palestinians and Israelis will be able once again to sit together and resolve their conflict through negotiations based on mutual acceptance.

Dr Deborah Weissman

Christians and Jews to Boycott TV3


The Wellington Council of Christians and Jews is urging their congregants to boycott TV3 for one week starting this Thursday, 8 November. The action is a response to TV3’s airing of “Californication”, in which a nun gives oral sex to a lead character in front of a statue of Christ.

“Freedom of expression is a fundamental right”, said Harold Klug, the Jewish Co-Chair of the Council. “But TV3 is intentionally insulting and hurting large numbers of religious people in this country. We’re asking the general public to stand with us in an appropriate response – not watching TV3 for a week.”

Rev John McCaul, the Christian Co-chair said, “TV3’s actions may be legal, but they’re morally wrong. We encourage people to change the channel, and write a letter to TV3.”