Abrahamic Council Condemns Anti-Semitic and Misogynist Statements

The Wellington Abrahamic Council of Jews, Christians and Muslims has totally rejected the intolerant anti-Semitic speeches of Auckland cleric Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib. Such pronouncements are irresponsible, insensitive and hurtful to Jewish people.

“Our Council represents our religious communities in a common goal: to overcome the evils of prejudice, intolerance and discrimination between people of different religions and ethnicity,” said Sultan Eusoff, Muslim Co-Chair of the Wellington Abrahamic Council.

“Aotearoa New Zealand is a tolerant and peaceful nation. Divisive and misogynist teachings from any religious leader do not belong here”, said Dave Moskovitz, Jewish Co-Chair of the Council.

“The Council works together for religious harmony in New Zealand and therefore we stand together to unreservedly denounce statements denigrating other religions” said Mr Eusoff.

Mr Eusoff who is also the CEO of the Federation of Islamic Associations in New Zealand (FIANZ) added that Dr Sahib’s statements do not reflect mainstream thinking within the New Zealand Muslim community, and do not represent the position of FIANZ or any of its constituent organisations. “We’ve been working with Christians and Jews for years to improve relations, and have succeeded in doing so. We’re not going to let the rantings of one cleric destroy our achievement of making New Zealand one of the few countries that enjoys excellent relations between the organisations and people representing the Abrahamic faiths.”

In these difficult times, the Wellington Abrahamic Council calls for New Zealanders of all races and religions to rally together to build bridges across different ethnicities and help keep our country safe and secure for ourselves, our families and friends.

Media Release: Wellington Jews, Christians, and Muslims denounce Charlie Hebdo killings


Wellington Jews, Christians, and Muslims denounce Charlie Hebdo killings

Wellington Council of Christians and Jews
9 January 2015

Wellington Jews, Christians, and Muslims denounce the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris as an attack on the basic freedoms which enable us to practice our religions and coexist in a democratic society.

A prayer vigil will be held at the Kilbirnie Islamic Centre this Sunday 11 January at 3pm. All are welcome.

Wellington Council of Christians and Jews Jewish Co-Chair Dave Moskovitz said “Charlie Hebdo had published material that was deeply offensive to each of our religions. However, each of our religions holds life sacred, and there is no possible excuse for killing someone for something they have said or written.”

Christian Co-Chair Rev Jenny Chalmers said “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all of the people involved. We urge France and the world to ‘turn the other cheek’, and not allow extremism to silence the voice of freedom.”

WCCJ Muslim member Sultan Eusoff added “New Zealand Muslims were greatly dismayed by the killings, which we view as counter to the teachings of the Koran. We must not allow the acts of extremists to define our religions, or sully the excellent relationships we have in New Zealand with other religions and wider society.”


Dave Moskovitz 027 220 2202
Rev Jenny Chalmers 021 311 952
Sultan Eusoff 021 786 262

Jews, Muslims, and Christians United in Call for Peace

NZ Jews, Christians, and Muslims United in Call for Peace

Wellington, 23 July 2014

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders in Wellington issued a joint statement today regarding the current conflict in Gaza and Israel:

“We call upon all of the parties involved in the current conflict in Gaza and Israel to cease hostilities, and sit down at the negotiating table and do the hard work necessary to obtain a just and lasting peace. We urge all New Zealand Jews, Christians, and Muslims to pray for peace.”

Dave Moskovitz, Jewish Co-Chair, Wellington Council of Christians and Jews
Jenny Chalmers, Christian Co-Chair, Wellington Council of Christians and Jews
Sultan Eusoff, CEO, Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand