Public Seminar: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Religion (with audio)

Audio from this event is now available.

Dave Moskovitz (Jewish) – download, or listen here:

Petrus Simons (Christian) – download, or listen here:

Harisu Shehu (Muslim) – download, or listen here:

All welcome.

WhenWednesday 8 November 2023, 7:00 pm
WhereWellington Progressive Jewish Congregation / Temple Sinai
147 Ghuznee Street
Dave Moskovitz (Jewish)
Dave is the Jewish Co-chair of the Wellington Abrahamic Council, and a former President of Wellington’s Temple Sinai. He is software developer by trade, and is involved in a number of AI initiatives mainly in education. His honours thesis was on natural language interfaces to bibliographic databases.
Petrus Simons (Christian)
Petrus is a Lutheran member of the Roman Catholic – Lutheran Dialogue Commission, and wrote his PhD thesis on the impact of technicism and economism on agriculture.
Harisu Abdullahi Shehu (Muslim)
Harisu received a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Victoria University of Wellington, with his research centered around emotion detection from patterns of facial movements and physiological changes. He is currently working as a Data Scientist with the Ministry of Social Development and an adjunct AI researcher with Victoria University of Wellington.

The recent rise of Artificial Intelligence has given people of faith some interesting questions to ponder including: What are our religions’ positions with regards to technology in general, and AI specifically? How could AI impact our religious beliefs and practices? Can a machine be conscious, or have a soul? How do we mitigate the potential threats that AI poses to humanity, to religion, and to God? 

Come along to this event to explore the ever-increasing impact of technology on our religions, and how we adapt in a post-AI age.

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Note that due to recent global events 😢, there will be security at the door, including bag checks and handheld metal detectors.