Massah 27 now online – book reviews, forgiveness, Pope Benedict, John Pawlikowski and more

The Spring 2009 issue of Massah, the Journal of the New Zealand Council of Christians and Jews, is now available for download.  In this issue:

  • Editorial.
  • News and Notes
  • Book Reviews:
    • The Language of God (Collins) and The God Delusion (Dawkins)
    • The Book Thief (Zusak)
    • Journal (Berr)
    • The Misunderstood Jew (Levine)
  • Forgiveness in Judaism – Wendy Ross
  • Decline in Christian Numbers in the Middle East
  • Pope Benedict XVI’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land – David Rosen
  • Father John Pawlikowski – biography and comment
  • Times and Seasons